Hidden Gems of UAE

UAE is the abbreviation of United Arab Emirates and they the currency there as dirhams and amazingly, they have 93.23 percent literacy rate there. United Arab Emirates is best known for doing business but the imports and exports of United Arab Emirates was 308.5 billion dollars and this stat was done in 2017 and the unemployment rate is very less as well, as less as 2.3 percent. and it is very famous for one of its emirates known as Dubai. as soon as we hear the word Dubai, all we can think of is the Burj Khalifa, Burj ul Arab and partying and the beaches, dessert safari and shisha.

Dubai is best known for opening businesses and the best part is that the doing business is cheap and easy there. well not all businesses are cheap and easy but the thing about difficult and expensive business is that you can do the advertisement, marketing and promotion of the business in a cheap way. You must be wondering that how to get these opportunities and that is done by getting the best SEO price in Dubai and you can do that by different ways as well and one of many ways to contact the best YouTube marketing agency and different promotion, advertisement and marketing agencies.

But other than business, there are more ways of going to United Arab Emirates and if you are one of those people who loves to explore a country and you are planning to go to United Arab Emirates and you don’t know where to go. Then you are reading the post because here, we will tell you about the hidden places of United Arab Emirates. And the first place is the Wathba wet land reserves and it is also known as the city of flamingoes and it is located at the edge of Baniyas. The next place is Jabal Dhanna and it is located at the north of Abu Dhabi and here, you will be exploring the dried out rivers and they have a beautiful formation of rocks that can get you the best Instagram pictures for the whole year. The next place is Big Red and here, you will find the most red dessert sand and the more you drive away from the city, the more red sand it becomes.