Facts about hotels

Hotels and inns have always been a very successful business but now a days, due to the latest episode of coronavirus pandemic and when everything was under a strict lockdown, the business of hotels was quite down. There was a lot of downsizing but this virus is not going to stay forever and sooner or later, it will fade away and people will be travelling around the world and looking for world class and best hotel in Fujairah. Now a days, the visit visas of UAE are closed but it is rumored that they will be opened by the mid of the year and if you are travelling then it is definite that you will be needing a hotel to stay. But before the embassies open the airports, check here some amazing facts about hotels.

  1. There is a hotel in Las Vegas named as Luxor and it is a Pyramid shaped hotel and from the top of the hotel, it emits sky beam and it is so bright that it attracts hundreds and thousands of insects, so many that they make a whole new kind of ecosystem including bats, moths, and owls.
  2. We are always fascinated about old things and old hotels have a very strong and a different kind of vibe. And you will be flying straight to Japan when you know that there is a hotel that is 1300 years old and 52 generations of the same family has been operating that inn.
  3. Hotel business is the best and why we say this, you will believe it now. A hotel named Plaza Hotel in New York opened in 1907 and at that time, the hotel charged 2.50 dollars for a night and that would be 65 dollars in todays currency but they now charge 1000 dollars per night.
  4. We just don’t understand why people steal towels from the hotels and that is why now hotels use RFID chips which is a tracking device for towels.
  5. Because of these RFID chips, One Hotel in Hawaii saved more than 15000 dollars after using these chips.
  6. Most hotels are thoughtful because the used soaps in hotels are sterilized and reformed and these soaps are then sent to poor countries for free – it is a very kind act.