Our favorite Party Trends of the year

2020 has changed the way the world used to work in and so have changed the ways, the world used to the get-together. Now, many people are preferring small-scale gatherings so that they can maintain physical distancing as well. Living in this pandemic is not easy but you should not let your special moments go by just like that without even celebrating it the way you can, the way you should. While we are coming across many new styles and themes in which people are celebrating their events, we are also getting confused about what to pick and more especially, HOW?

So, today we have brought you the party trends that stood out throughout the year and also how to make it you party trend in your social circle. These are our favorite party trends in 2020.

  • One step closer to Nature:
    The party decoration trend that has boomed throughout the year and is expected to only getting loved is the pampas grass / dried flower. Amidst the lockdown worldwide, people are appreciating the vibe of getting closer to nature with contracting the virus. The trend just gives the party or gathering a little more lively feels. If not dried flowers, people are decorating their events with more unique flower arrangements that mix up both fresh and dried flowers. 
  • Grazing Tables:
    The trends that was much followed and appreciated in 2020, was Grazing Tables. These tables welcome you with the different types of foods served on grazing boards. Whether the party’s menu was a dessert, cookies, and nuts or perhaps a Mediterranean dinner, the grazing board was widely used along with candles decorated. You can get these tables and chairs for rent easily. 
  • Cuddly-Streaming Backdrop:
    It doesn’t matter whether the people celebrated the big day of their beloved ones in their living rooms or backdoor gardens, one thing that they made sure of, was to make it the parties as Instagram-able as possible. With the help of party rentals and bouncy castle hire, the streamer backdrops just made their work amazingly easier. This trend makes small-scale and DIY options more available. Streamer backdrops can be customized as per the theme of the party.  

These are the top three-party trends that we witnessed in 2020 and without a doubt, these trends are going to get more famous in the coming year. So, if you want to make your beloved’s birthday or any other special moment unforgettable then, feel free to rock the party with these trends.