Question to ask before hiring bookkeeping services

Question to ask before hiring bookkeeping services

Hiring bookkeeping services for business is one of the wise decisions of life. When businesses grow, you need to focus on other important things that can take your company to the next level. You do not have time to manage your financial transactions and management. Here come bookkeeping services, who can handle your financial records more effectively. However, before hiring a professional accounting and bookkeeping services in Dubai, make sure to ask the following questions:

What is the scope of bookkeeping services? 

It seems a simple question, but it is essential to know about the scope of bookkeeping work. Your needs also depend on your accounting knowledge and skills. However, consider the following services before hiring bookkeepers: 

  • Bank reconciliation on daily basis. 
  • Making general entries of suppliers and paying bills to suppliers. 
  • Following up debtors and creating sales invoices. 
  • Filing Sales tax returns and VAT returns. 
  • Preparing accounting statements like Income statements and balance sheets.

Are they qualified and registered? 

When you are looking to hire bookkeepers, one of the key factors that should consider is their qualifications and registration. Ask bookkeeping services about their registration and related certificates to the accounting field. The bookkeepers should have a minimum CPA or Chartered Accountant degree. However, the registration and qualification depend on country-to-country requirements.

What is the level of expertise? 

If you want to bring accuracy in your accounting transactions and financial management, bookkeepers should have expertise in the accounting field. So it is a better option to check out their level of expertise in accounting standards and bookkeeping. If they are unable to perform their job efficiently, then it’s better to find another one rather than wasting your time with an unqualified person.

How much familiar are they with your business sector? 

If bookkeeping services unfamiliar with your industry, it may consume lots of time to get an insight into your industry. Therefore, always consider bookkeepers who have sufficient experience in your business sector and understand the INS & outs of this industry.

How do you protect your clients? 

Every business has confidential documents and secrets, which are needed to be protected from others. So when you hire bookkeepers, you have to share these secrets with them. Before hiring a bookkeeping service, ask them how they protect their clients. If you are feeling comfortable sharing your business secrets with them, you may rely on these firms.

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