Pros and cons of using clear aligners

If you are thinking to straighten your teeth without having any hassle, clear aligners can be the right option for you. Clear aligners are specifically made for straightening your teeth invisibly. They help to correct irregular gaps and crooked in your teeth and give them proper shape and size. These aligners can also overcome the problem of underbites in adults and teenagers. While there are plenty of benefits of using Invisalign but there are also some problems with clear aligners. In this article, we will discuss the pros and cons of Invisalign.

Pros of clear aligners.

Straighten your teeth in a short time:

One of the best things about clear aligners is they can straighten your teeth in half time as compare to traditional braces. Most people who wear traditional braces with wires and brackets take one to two years for treatment. However, clear aligners can provide you perfect results within six months.

Easily removable and comfortable:

When it comes to wearing clear aligners, you don’t have to wear them all the time like traditional braces. You can easily remove them while eating or drinking. Moreover, they are more comfortable as compared to other teeth straightening options. The material which is used in clear aligners is quite comfortable and relaxed to your teeth. You can perform your daily tasks by wearing Invisalign.

Reduce dentist visits:

When you wear traditional braces, you have to visit your dentist every two weeks for keeping them in the correct position. However, it doesn’t require when you wear clear aligners. You do not have to visit your dentist regularly.

Improve your oral health:

Another good thing about clear aligners is they also improve your oral health. When you have straight teeth, it doesn’t only improve dental health but also overall health. Clear aligners help to get rid of plaque and food particles in your teeth.

Cons of clear aligners.

Not suitable for severe misaligned or crooked teeth:

Mostly, clear aligners are not suitable for severe crooked or misaligned teeth as they won’t give you perfect results. People with teeth issues need to consult with an orthodontist.

You will need to floss or brush your teeth often:

Wearing clear braces in Dubai doesn’t mean you are free from brushing or flossing your teeth. However, when you wear Invisalign, you need extra take care for the betterment of your teeth.